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I believe that the concept of Attachment (Mary Ainsworth, John Bowlby) is a primary force in psychological development/well-being. When it is disrupted, problems result . We are social beings; we need attachment. When it doesn't get started well, doesn't get "secured" during critical phases of development, things go amiss. Attachment can be disrupted by deaths, trauma, health difficulties, broken relationships and so forth. Most "symptoms" I encounter can be explained by a disruption in attachment. (Probably quite often resulting in a disruption in normal brain chemical functioning.) My therapy utilizes a strong attachment between client and therapist, as that is able to happen naturally. The relationship then is a big part of the healing and can become an internalized model for forming meaningful, outside, healing relationships. Humanistic psychology, Gestalt theory, existential philosophy, and experiential learning are all central influences to my professional thinking. I have, of course, been influenced by other psychological theories and believe in a theoretically integrated, technically eclectic approach. If it helps someone, I'm open.

Biology, as should go without saying, is a major force in emotional, psychological well-being. Many wonder how psychotherapy can change biology. New and exciting research is emerging every day showing just how much the healing relationship of psychotherapy, and other "emotional" inteventions, can change brain chemistry. Laughter, touch, physical activity, pets, art, helping others. . .the list could go on and on of the specific, natural things that have been shown to change the brain in measurable ways. I believe in finding the resources within a person and between people to make life better and better. At the same time, I do not hesitate to refer for medical evaluation if indicated; some mental health issues respond best to a combination of psychotherapy and medication.

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“At times our own light goes out and is rekindled by a spark from another” — Albert Schweitzer

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