Infertility and Psychotherapy

Striving to create the family we've dreamed of is one of our most important life tasks. When things don't work the way they should, it can be devastating. The emotional difficulties that can arise often serve to make the problem worse, the desired goals even less achievable. Psychotherapy can help individuals, couples, and families through the struggle with infertility. I have worked with individuals with a variety of fertility issues. I provide help for couples in navigating the stressors between them that arise during the journey, coaching them to have a better relationship, greater relaxation, better sex, and ultimately better parenting. It is such a joy to sit with a couple and their infant in the consulting room where tears were shed, arguments were had, and sometimes losses grieved. Some journeys are too challenging to do alone.

See my book review on Karin Lesnick-Oberstein's On Having an Own Child: Reproductive Technologies and the Cultural Construction of Childhood at:

also see television episode in which I address infertility with a group of women:

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“At times our own light goes out and is rekindled by a spark from another” — Albert Schweitzer

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