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My office is comfortable, private, and therapeutic.  I strive to create a pleasant and welcoming environment.



For many years, I brought my previous Italian Greyhound into therapy and he became very important to many of the people "we" worked with.  After he died, I knew in the future I'd want to adopt and train another "canine co-therapist" to join me.  In November 2012, I got another tiny Italian Greyhound girl, Charlotte, about 15 pounds, who accompanies me to the office most of the time.  She is well trained and has warmed the hearts of many, and maybe as important as her connections with others, is that she keeps the therapist smiling and relaxed, in general!  If for any reason you would prefer that she not be there during your appointment, please do not hesitate to let me know in advance of your scheduled time.


If you are unable to manage about 5 steps, please let me know in advance so that I can arrange to use a colleague's office in Gea modern Georgetown building with ramps and an elevator. 


Street parking is almost always available nearby. You may park on the street without a permit, free, for up to two hours.



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